Our Story

Why has an architecture and building firm written a children's book? Good question. And the answer stems from our hero, Archie himself: a passion for designing and building.


What you have in your hands actually began life as a booklet, intended to explain the design and build process to kids. But like most things we get involved with, it grew.


Our little booklet became a little book. And in keeping with the sentiment of our new story, we wanted to find some budding talent to illustrate it.


We ran a small design competition with a selection of UWE Illustration graduates. The standard was high, but there was something special about Rosanna’s work – its richness; her storytelling.


Rosanna joined us in the Moon office, working alongside George our in-house Graphic Designer, to bring Archie to life. For Archie’s voice, we turned to our trusted friend Tom Brown – the first person to communicate Moon’s passion in words.


With all the pieces in place, we pushed, pulled and drank coffee until we had something we were all proud of.


But why stop there? Archie wouldn’t stop at just designing a den. We’re working on Archie’s next adventure, I am the Builder, as I speak. And from there, well, who knows?

Like I say, things tend to grow.


Nick Ross



Get in touch: archie@moondesignandbuild.co.uk

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